taylorswift taylor taylor taylor I love you and was super sad you cancelled your tour in thailand this summer but that’s okay!! because im in the us now! and i can get 1989 at midnight on the 27th of october like i’ve only DREAMED of doing and not have to wait a month or so to listen to your album and you will come to st. paul and everything will be rosy and wonderful!!! I have loved you for five years and I always will. 

ps. i rarely ever post selfies because self-esteem issues/ugly but i’m doing it for you because that’s just how much i love you!!!

Feeling an overwhelming burst of positivity right now and I just wish you all of you a very very hapy night/day!!! you are all wonderful and deserve so much happiness and this is literally your life and you have control over it like order your pinky finger to lift up right now!! you can do it!! you have so much control over what you can and can’t do. if you want to do that piece of homework (but also don’t want to) (but also know that you have to and you should because you want to have a good life) you can pick up that pen or that textbook or that word document and do it!!! you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my god you can do anything you want in the WORLD i believe in YOU every single one of you alll 5000 of you you are all capable and in control of your own life and i love you all tremendously PLEASE DON’T FORGET THE POWER YOU HAVE


Wilhelm List (1864-1918), Apollon Charmant les Cygnes.

Choosing to write a research paper on: i. roman polanski apartment trilogy (repulsion, Rosemary’s baby, the tenant) ii. eraserhead and other david lynch films iii. deep red iv. comparing role of sexuality and violence in american psycho and a clockwork orange v. vertigo vi. anything else (horror related) that I want.

This might be the best/worst struggle of my life.